Even if your REGION office is kept tidy, decluttering your team’s space is essential for getting it ready to sell, sub-let, or lease out.

When potential buyers or renters are shown your TOWN office, they can easily become overwhelmed and distracted by visual clutter. Here are eight easy ways to eliminate the mess and make your space show-ready.

1) Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Keeping your office clutter-free is an ongoing process but, during this important time, you’ll need to remove things you and your team aren’t using. Go through every common area and major shared space in your office, one at time and sort into piles:

  1. Sell – move into storage bins during showings or make use of office supply selling resources
  2. Donate – load up a few bins right away for donation, and find a volunteer to get in touch with your local donation center to ensure they’ll take the items
  3. Trash – check your building’s trash guidelines, be sure to follow them and ask for help when disposing of bulk items

If you’re having trouble deciding, sometimes it’s helpful to ask yourself, “If I were moving the team in to a new space right now, would I buy this?” If the answer is no—let someone else enjoy it, or toss it.

2) Consider furniture with hidden storage solutions. Decorative storage trunks that double as guest seating and desk units with built-in drawers are smart long-term investments towards keeping the office space clutter-free all the time (not just when preparing for visitors).

3) Invest in inexpensive storage containers. After you’ve removed items your team is no longer using, keep communal office supplies and tools in storage containers so everything has its place. These can be as simple as baskets for pens, paper, or notebooks; media boxes for electronics and cords; or plastic bins for seasonal decorations that you can store in your existing closet space or building basement if available for use.

4) Use storage systems. Keeping outerwear on a hanging rack or cubicle hooks is a great way to keep any existing office furniture clear of clutter and available for its intended use. Same goes for closets—you can find some inexpensive hanging systems to hold the team’s personal items and keep them out of sight.

5) Keep counters clear. In the kitchen, keep small appliances (like toasters and coffee makers) stowed if your team doesn’t use them often– this will show off the kitchen’s abundant counter space to accommodate for larger teams.

6) Handle mail right away. Don’t let mail or magazines pile up. Go through the new mail when it arrives, sort and throw away anything you don’t need right away. Use a simple filing system for mail and papers you’ll need, or take photos of items with your smartphone and toss them right away.

7) Make decluttering an ongoing activity. Decluttering shouldn’t only happen before an open house or walkthrough. Keep your TOWN office space fresh and clutter-free all year long by using some simple tricks like throwing out five items every time you clean a conference room, tossing or donating old appliances every time you buy something new, and filling a bag to recycle or throw out each month (even if it’s just overdue leftovers from the fridge). Also, being mindful of new items you or other team members bring into the office space will help maximize your decluttering efforts.

Looking for more office space tips? Check out additional advice here and reach out to your local REGION realty expert for one-on-one guidance.

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